Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow, sushi, and Harry Potter. I

I completed my "working out every day in January" goal. The last night I was running, I was super excited because I noticed that I was faster, stronger, and had more endurance. I think I look slightly more toned. I ruined that excitement by weighing myself and saw that during my hardworking month of exercise and eating crazy healthy, I gained 5 pounds WTF. I was pretty devastated to have worked so hard and then gain weight. Why do other people get to see results and lose weight and I'm destined to always get bigger? Self-pity is gross. Something else gross is 12+ inches of snow in one day. I shoveled 6 times (not good for a girl with a bad back). At least it was exercise if I'm going to spin a positive from it. I'm still trying to keep up with the working out every day. I realized it just made me feel good, why would I want to stop?

The crappy snowy cold weather has been bumming me out as well as my scale. I'm feeling cabin fevery, so I've been bundling Mae and me up and going on insanely long walks like 4-7 miles a day. It's been nice getting fresh air and sunlight. I also started tanning just a couple minutes a couple days a week for some alone time/warmth/light/tired of being so sickly pale. I know that's super bad for you, and I won't make a habit of it, I just feel like February is a bad month for me and I need a little help to get through it. My dad would be really mad at me if he knew because being a red head and skin cancer in the family. Dad, if you actually read this, in my defense it's just a couple minutes, a couple days a week, and just this month only! I feel really happy when I leave, AND for the first time EVER I kind of think my appearing freckles are cute. I always hated my freckles and fought to cover them every summer, but not this summer! Today, I had a therapy appointment and she made me feel better about gaining weight, saying it's muscle (which everyone said already) BUT she also said that having gained new muscle that also means my metabolism will be better and it will help me burn fat better. So, I might start losing now, but my focus should be on how I feel (not a number) and also to get rid of the scale. I feel a million times better now. I came home cleaned the house like crazy since my baby is at daycare, I got a happy happy sushi lunch, and I just started the third Harry Potter book again (because rereading those books ALWAYS makes me happy). Good, happy, happy day.
Pictures with my post are happy post-workout-month pics, snow day pics with Mae, and I've been learning new braids.
Day 31!
Proud :D
Working out in the kitchen while cooking...that happens

sushi love sushi love sushi love <3

The best part of braids is the wavy hair after : )
small side braid and wavy hair from yesterday's braid