Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mae oh my

Mae is my mini-me. That sounds really cool to have someone so much like you, but usually I notice our likeness more when she is being naughty or crazy. Awesome similarities include her love of makeup, jewelery, anything that sparkles, cucumbers, fish, soup, babies, snakes, flowers, the smell of coffee and her pretended coffee addiction (which isn't pretend for me), peanut butter, clothes, art, cooking, dancing, singing in the car, partying, talking, always needing our legs/feet up, sitting in weird positions in general, and preferring to lay on the ground over a couch or chair. Not so great similarities include a fierce temper, being dramatic, being super sassy, her love of pushing the limit, incessant chatting, the snotty facial expressions(identical to my own), always wanting to be on the go, and not wanting the party to stop. She's an awesome kid and really well-behaved for the most part, but anytime she flashes that glare at me I say a silent apology to everyone in my life that has gotten that same glower from me. We also both run to our rooms and throw ourselves down on to the bed or blankets to cry when things go really badly for us.

Yesterday she was mad at me because I asked her to try and go potty and she glared at me with little furrowed brows and pointed in the other room saying "NO! Go cook dinner!" Every once in a while I think about dogs versus kids. In this instance, I think oh yeah, a dog could never say that so they get a point. Later that day though, I was in the shower and realized I'd left my new exfoliating towel in a bag in my room. I called to Mae while I was showering and asked her to bring me the orange bag hanging on my makeup drawer in my bedroom. I thought yeah, she's not going to understand, I'll have to get out, then suddenly a little hand slips in the shower curtain with an orange bag. Then I realized what I needed was actually in a yellow bag in my room. I asked her if she could find the yellow bag in my room. Seconds later she brings me the yellow one. I said thank you and she said "you're welcome, mommy". So I think she gets two points for that. Also, I love that she doesn't poop in my yard, that's another point.

We are home alone all day now and that's really fun sometimes, and sometimes it's really boring being winter and we drive each other crazy because we love to go, and we love to be social. She used to just scribble but in the last two or three weeks she's suddenly figured out how to draw representational things. She likes drawing people, spiders, monsters, and owls. She also loves stealing my camera and taking pictures. I love seeing things from her little perspective. Nothing is better than when she says I love you, hugs, and kisses you out of the blue, and tells me I'm a good girl. Ugh that kid is the best (even when she's sassy).
Cute thing I thought looked like a slug

mom and Mae collaboration ( I added the shell)

Mae's studio

Mae said it was herself when she's happy.

kids playing at the park

A spider with a shoe

Mae taking pics of me in the fitting room at the mall

action shot by Mae

Mae photographing my tiredness on a Monday morning

Mae pic- getting ready for a playdate with a friend
I think it looks like a jelly fish, Mae calls it a spider though

Person with glasses and one hair

I asked her to make the same face as the guy she drew on the left. HAHA. Dead-on, little Mae.
Mae riding on my head :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Still doing it

I wanted to try and workout every day in January no matter what. I don't think I ever believed that I would keep up with it, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could stick with something that is important to me. Well, not to jinx it or anything, but it's already January 20th, and I HAVE worked out every day. It has become such a habit now, that I don't see me taking a day off in the next 11 days. Even days where I desperately don't want to do it, I think about how great I feel after my run. I feel so awake, confident, happy, and accomplished every time I finish a workout. I try to follow my workouts with a little pampering too to make it extra rewarding. I wish I was seeing more visual/physical changes in the work I've put in, but hopefully in time I will. Even if I don't see much change at least it makes me feel better.

My diet was already pretty good but I've made some slight changes with that too. I've cut out pop, most carbs, and a lot of meat. I eat plain non-fat greek yogurt with a tiny spoon of Trader Joe's natural peanut butter for extra protein and yum every morning. The rest of the time I eat mostly salad, soup, fruit, and veggies. I rarely eat meat or cheese anymore which was probably the fattiest stuff that I used to eat. I have also increased my water intake by a ton, because I think I was almost always dehydrated before and I can feel an improvement in my workouts now.

So with my super health-consciousness, I've been trying to take better care of my skin too and become comfortable being without makeup. I'd love to be able to embrace my natural ginger-ness sometimes instead of fighting it with makeup. I think I'm even going to give my freckles a chance this summer (we'll see). I've been testing lots of skin care products like face washes, night creams, bb cream, under eye creams, serums, daily facial massage, etc. I don't know if it's in my head but I definitely think my skin and face looks better than ever, so take that year 29! Also I got a few free birthday gift items from Ulta and Sephora that I've been playing with and like them pretty well.I wish I could do my hair. That's one area I really need help in improving. I try to buy nice shampoo, conditioner, and treatments, but I feel like my hair never looks healthy or good. I also wish I could style it better. Hopefully I can learn some tips and tricks from my soon-to-be sister-in-law and my brother(who is interning as a cosmetologist).
Mae took this pic of me :)
My workout style

Post workout coffee break and it's sunny (that's the sun through the blinds making stripes on me)

look at those blonde lashes and brows!

dance parties all day

my favorites right now for my minimal makeup days

Mae is wearing the light mauve color and I'm wearing the dark red in the following pics

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I wanna get weird with you

I've been having that groundhog day thing happen to me. Every day I clean the same three rooms and somehow after dinner and before I wake up the next day the same three rooms are garbage again. Seriously, there are way better ways I could be spending my time.

It's been stupid-cold, and I'm too restless to be satisfied with being snowed in for days. I have been working out a ton and being super awesome with my diet. I only eat soup, salad, non-fat greek yogurt, and fruits and veg. Today is January 8th, and I've worked out for at least an hour every single day. I've been enjoying that time to myself at night to listen to music, workout, and daydream about summer.

Mae has been a blast lately. I love how weird she is and the freedom that gives me to also be weird with her. Sometimes she can drive me crazy by the end of the day and I can't wait for Matt to come home from work to watch her for just forty minutes so I can run to the store. When I come home and see her I get so emotional though, like I've been away from her for so long. I can't believe just a few minutes away can completely refresh me and make me miss that silly girl.

This post is mostly about nothing in particular but I wanted to devote a post to my collection of weird photos that I never post in any other social media form, because they're just weird. I really love them though either because of the lighting, the colors, or the mood, or awesome makeup. I love getting weird with my angles and photography. Hopefully a post of substance soon : )
photo I took at work of the weird old big head sculptures

contents HOT: I love coffee, I love lipstick

Tiny bear biting my tongue

BIGFOOT sighting in my living room

I love this tree and fence relationship


Mae hiding behind the curtain

Mae and the spooky curtain

afternoon winter light

sun worship