Monday, December 29, 2014

Holy Holidays Batman

It's been a crazy few weeks with visiting families and friends and numerous parties and outings. As much as I love going out and socializing I think I'm looking forward to some quiet times in the near future. Today I got every scrap of Xmas out of sight (except for the mounds of treats and goodies that are still lingering in the corner of the kitchen). I can't wait to start exercising and dieting again. I literally don't want to eat anything but soup, salad, and sushi for the rest of my life, maybe not literally, but seriously, I can't even.

I'm really proud that I didn't over indulge in food or drink during the holidays. I think this is the first year I didn't gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Years. That's definitely a small success. So here is a holiday (style) recap.

I went to an event in Detroit called Santarchy with my friend Tracy and her cousins. It's a pub crawl through Detroit bars and everyone wears Santa costumes (or elves, reindeer, snowmen). There were Santa suits as far as the eye could see. We saw a band perform that we had seen while we were camping during the summer and ran into other friends while we were there. It was such a long night but it was really fun way to kick off the holidays. I made my own costume with velvet I dyed back in college.

so sleepy waiting for the bus at 3am!

More holiday outing makeup and hairstyle looks.
Mae decorated my face AND I got brand spanking new glasses!

No makeup...

eyebrows added and lip stain

cat eyeliner and hair curled, and uncurled

half up/half down curly braid 'do
dapper suit and tie daytime look

casual concert/day after Xmas bonfire look
vampy sorceress look for a bar night with friends. I got the headpiece for my upcoming b-day

Awesome wig my brother's girlfriend got me for Xmas

Xmas morning style with my little. Cat hat present : )

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a time as I did during the holidays. Next up is New Years Eve, and New Years Day (my birthday!) The style must go on. Also I'm super stoked about the gift cards I got for Xmas. I was able to buy a new Ipod nano to replace my old one that conked out a few months ago and do some shopping for myself (which now having a house, I'm never able to do). Okay, time to make resolutions and plan my new years outfit. XOXO

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Summer Came and Went

Spring and summer were a whirlwind. We spent so much time and energy looking at houses the summer completely got away from us. Summer 2014 was weird. There was only a week or two of hot weather and I only went swimming once. I hope next summer is warmer! Even as busy as I was between house-hunting, working, and then moving I still managed to get a lot of fun squeezed in before the busy fall season prepping for the Thanksgiving Parade. Summer photo synopsis!

R2D2 Swimsuit 4evR

One of the many Saturdays at the Eastern Market. Coffee first ;)
My first 5K with my kickboxing buddy!
So many floodings happened.
Amazing 4 day camping trip called Beer Tent with my friend Tracy <3

Beer Tent with Tracy
Park Daze

Ford Fireworks Party! I wish the sky was pink more often.

More fireworks shenanigans

My sequin fireworks dress
Yardwork at our new house

Mae turned 2!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I started my blog last winter with the intentions of keeping busy during the winter to combat my winter blues. I ended up getting caught up in a lot of life and let it die in the corner of the internet. Now I'm laid off again and back in that same place I was last year when I started my blog.

I can't believe how much has happened but also how much is the same. I'm going to be 29 in two weeks and it scares the hell out of me. I have no idea how I can already be that old. I haven't felt that click that now I'm an adult. I do adult things and I'm responsible but I always thought I'd feel like I'd know everything. I think more than ever, I have recently given up the notion that I know anything at all, or that I'll ever figure things out. I'm trying to be adaptable though. I think 28 was way better than I had anticipated, so I hope I can keep up that momentum at 29.

We started looking for our first house to own in April. I loved a little house in Berkley which I imagined a whole life in. We won the bid for it and everything was going smoothly until the inspection when we found out we'd have to do thousands of dollars to fix the plumbing. We had to give up the house. It was so exhausting looking at houses and loving them and then losing them. Unexpectedly, I fell in love with a little yellow house in Ferndale. It was my new perfect dream home. After everything was going good and we had won the bid and did the inspection the mortgage company told us it didn't look good and we thought we lost that too. I decided to go on a spur of the moment vacation to get away from all of the stresses for a night on Mackinac Island. We had a great time, and I was able to completely forget about everything back home, at the rental house I hated. I woke up in the middle of the night on vacation with a bunch of text messages from my housemate saying that someone hit my parked car in front of our rental house and it was towed away. I was hundreds of miles away on an island that doesn't even have cars unable to do anything again until the ferry could take us back to the mainland the next day. My car was absolutely totaled. We didn't and still don't have the money to replace it so now we have to share one car. About a month later we got our new Ferndale house though. Luckily the little bit of money from my car getting totaled helped us with our down payment.

After we moved we didn't have much time at all to work on the house because I was already in the full swing of work and sometimes having to work extra days or long nights to meet deadlines. I painted two bedrooms and the entire basement and packed our house and moved in just a weeks time. I busted out some quick decorating and threw together a belated birthday party for Mae which ended up being in September because a lot of health problems and a death in the family.
first boxes packed!

the Tigers baseball season summed up in one picture

My grandma sent me a card to my new house. I felt so shocked and surprised and excited to get a package together to mail her. I wanted to send her pictures of our new house and pictures of Mae. While my head was spinning trying to get her party organized and dealing with both of us being sick and working on top of that, I finally got out and bought photo paper and ink and printed out pictures. I set an alarm at night to remind me to write a letter to her and get it all in the mail. I sat down wrote a letter and popped it in the mailbox. That night I was having trouble sleeping and I looked on my phone to do some pinterest-ing until I fell asleep and saw I had missed a call from my dad. My grandma had died that night. I couldn't even believe it and all I could think of was the undeliverable  letter in the mailbox. Mae's birthday was supposed to be that weekend, but I knew I had to go to West Virginia with my dad for closure and to say goodbye and thank you, in person. I got a brief moment when I was alone with her casket at the burial. I touched her casket and told her thank you and told her about Mae. and  I had so much fun visiting family and reflecting on a part of my life that suddenly came to an end. I don't have grandparents anymore, I'm nobody's granddaughter. She signified the end of an era. It's hard to think that in the next few years there's going to be a wave of deaths and many goodbyes to make. I remember from the ages 8-10 there were a bunch of people that died that I didn't really know; great-grandparents, great-aunts, and great-uncles. I remember seeing my parents having a hard time but still puting on a brave face because they knew it was coming, the family members were old. It feel so weird knowing that I'm the parent and my parents are the grandparents now.
finding my roots in West Virginia

Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia

2014 was full of a lot of wonderful things and a lot of difficult things. But everything wonderful that's happened to me has come from a lot of struggle. A quick bit of symbolism to go along with that; I always thought it was interesting that the Kirtland Warbler is one of the rarest birds in the world. They have a bit of significance with my family because my grandparents lived in a little town up in northern Michigan called Mio, where the rare bird has been seen on occasion. I always saw the imagery of the bird around the town. It's an incredibly tiny bird that nests in young Jackpine trees. Jackpines cone's will only release their seeds in fire though. Kirtland Warblers rely on a recent forest fire to have the cones release their seeds so that young trees can grow for them to nest in. While we were on Mackinaw Island I found a nesting pair. I remember feeling so lucky and thinking great things were going to come out of the fire we'd been through. And here I am, by my first Christmas Tree, in my new house.
Mae's 1st Xmas tree in our new home

Mackinac Island

Mae chasing seagulls on Mackinac Island