Monday, March 31, 2014

Mae Day

I worked for the last three weeks straight without a day off and even a few thirteen hour days thrown in the mix. It was exhausting work and I hardly saw my baby Mae the entire time. Friday at 9pm we finished our project at work then I got laid off until a vague date. Saturday I took off for some much needed rest and relaxation before going back to full-time mom housewife job (which can be more work than work sometimes and I don't get paid for it).

Today was an awesome day. First of all it was my first day with little Mae in a while. Second, it almost got to 60 degrees (which Mae and I went on 3 walks morning, afternoon, and evening 6 miles in all). Lastly, it was opening day for Tigers baseball in Detroit. I am a huge Tigers fan but it's even more cool this year because the project I was working on were giant bobbleheads for Fox Sports Detroit that went up around the city today. It was so cool to see things I sculpted and helped paint on TV. Oh and we ate hotdogs!

Here is our day :)

Goodnight little bug <3