Sunday, February 16, 2014

Swappin' n Thriftin'

A couple weeks ago my friend hosted a clothing swap party. Everyone is encouraged to bring as many people as they can and bring whatever clothing or accessories they don't want anymore. After everyone picks through them, the rest of unwanted clothing she donates to her local women's shelter. Unfortunately, it was very poorly attended. There were only five people including the hostess this time. There were still amazing finds but it's so much better when there are a lot of people of different sizes and different personal style. I still walked away with a lot of fun items for summer. I wonder how we could get it better attended. Why wouldn't people want free clothing and to get rid of their things too? I got rid of some really nice expensive pieces that were too big or just not my style anymore. Besides the clothing, it's also really fun to socialize and snack and drink. Hopefully we can try it again when the weather is nicer. I think no one wants to leave the house unless they absolutely have to when it's so cold and snowy. Idea for next time: I think we could suggest people bring robes to wear. I was getting so tired of taking of my belt and jeans and sweater and shirt to try an item on to see if it fit. Then I would re-dress and then see another item and strip down and repeat. Next time I'm so just wearing a robe!
My fabulous finds! (I also got two skirts that I didn't get a photo of )

The clothing swap party inspired me to go thrifting because cheap is better! I just got tickets to the Arcade Fire concert that encourages formal attire to the attending fans. People are all up in arms about it but I think it will be so fun and fantastic to see the arena filled with people in gowns listening to rock music! Check out the dress I got from MF Vintage by Mother Fletcher's in Ferndale. The other items I got really cheap at another thrift store for summer. I LOVE THRIFTING! I need to do it more often. 

Now, go out and thrift your butts off!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I put a spell on you and now you're mine

I braved the snow storm today to check out the new and improved Lost and Found Vintage in downtown Royal Oak. I hardly get downtown in winter since it's miserable to walk since seldom are the sidewalks cleared and I normally refuse to pay to park when I live so close. Today I was willing to pay to park as I am so tired of being home and I had been bed bound and hospitalized yesterday with dehydration from food poisoning. So Lost and Found is so pretty now but I didn't see anything that was amazing and the only things I saw that were kind of cute were too big. I was desperate to be dazzled by something to get me over this winter gloom so I ventured into the other vintage store "Paris" next door. I saw the gold dress that I've loved for years but it was always way too small so I put a curse on it so no girl could ever covet it like me. So years later, it's still there, and years later I've lost a lot of weight. It fit! But said years of girls trying to cram into it has been unkind so it was pretty battered. This turned out not so bad because a once expensive dress I got for about ten dollars and I fixed it in about twenty minutes. I also got some cutesy never been worn 1950/60s bullet bras. So I don't care that it snowed today because I won :-p  (here is said gold dress plus some other vintage things I've been repaired lately)